Trump Style

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So this is from one of the NYC Anti-Mubarak protests.  And this was one of my favorite home made signs. Short, sweet, and to the point.  Donald Trump would be proud lol.  And the smiley face makes it a classic!!


Washington Square Park

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Don’t these two look like they’re staring in a Tim Burton movie?  Well I thought so.  I have to say Washington Square Park has the most interesting people/characters in any one place at any given time.  I’ve had many interesting encounters there (for better or worse).  And even if I’m feeling antisocial, its still a cool place to just sit and read, or eat, or people watch (come on you know you all do it! its slightly less creepy than facebook stalking).  I need to take my camera to the city with me more often.  If only I didn’t have to carry around a thousand bags all the time.  IQ tests weigh a ton!  :/

Are You My Mother?

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Clearly I am NOT her mother. Haha…what a cutie.  She was already looking through books at such a young age (and eating them).  She’s even got a head start on being camera shy.  I love taking pictures of kids, you never know what you’ll get and they make every picture look good!!

Why Columbia feels like Hogwarts Sometimes

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So not only do we have a dining hall (in Teachers College) which looks like the one in Hogwarts which we refer to as “hogwarts”, but we also have our very own “goblet of fire”.  Now if only I had a triwizard tournament to look forward to :/

Distinguished Reindeer

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The things you find in a 99 cent store are gold!  Those reindeer antlers spiced up an awesome night out at one of the coolest cafe’s in Jersey: Van Gogh’s Ear (accross the street-don’t ask why we started out in here). Of course Nina’s expressions are always priceless and as my best friend, she is the star of many wonderful photos.  I don’t think anyone could have worn those antlers any better!!

Day 1

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I decided to do something consistent and make this mainly a photoblog.  I’ll be posting a photo up every day with a short caption.  Some will be new, some will be old, but all will be amazing! 

This first picture is of one of my cousins.  He’s amazingly photogenic, however he is in the habit of running away from cameras so it is hard to get him to hold still. 

A song I used to go with this picture (a photography assignment) was: Sweet Child of Mine – Sheryl Crow version (for gender purposes-btw he is a boy!).

The Hunger Games

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So I sat in Barnes and Nobles, picked up The Hunger Games, and finished it in one sitting.  Yes it took me a few hours since the book was a little under 400 pages…I don’t have magical speed reading powers, unfortunately.  But it was well worth it!

Finally a book that has a fantastic plot, intriguing characters, and is written beautifully!  I’ve been quite disappointed in the teen fiction scene since reading The Twilight Series and then reading a few other ones, and still not feeling satisfied.  But for all you lit/fiction junkies, this book might just do the trick for ya!

So yes, the general premise is there is this sort of Battle Royale that occurs on television.  But first the author takes you into the life of a girl in a post-apocalyptic/post-civil war/dysfunctional and fictitious world where we meet Katniss, and you can’t help but fall in love with her.  The book follows her as she is forced into a surreal spotlight where she is thrown into a competition where her choices mean life and death.  Somehow she finds the courage to smile and put on a show even though she’s raging inside.  She comes up with creative ways to rebel against the institution which strives to control its constituents, along with help and inspiration from the other extremely unique and vivid characters in her life.  She manages to sustain parts of her humanity, dignity, respect, and her identity, in spite of the savage and inhumane conditions she finds herself in.  But the show is never over, especially in a society where strict control is maintained through spying and government invasion in all aspects of life and rules regulating just about everything as well (including food distribution!).  I can’t wait to read the next two books (even though I’m a bit skeptical about sequels)!

Today I went to Butler Library at Columbia…its the most amazing place on earth…truly…and I stocked up on winter break reading!  I’m going to post a review after every book, and there are all kinds, long and short story, fiction and non fiction.  I may even throw up an article on occasion and my response to it.  I’ve created very rigorous and intellectually stimulating reading schedule so I make the most out of my winter break!!